Villa Construction in Bali

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Building your Villa is undoubtedly the important step to improve your land investment. From the drawings, architectural designs to the finishing and interior design, quality and small details cannot be overestimated.

The quality, design, location and construction concept all play important roles for the value of your Villa. If the Villa is focus on vacation rental, a solid and beautiful construction design will affect directly your return on investment (ROI) and rental incomes.

At Construction Bali, we build with trust, confidence and quality.

Our Mission remains compromised as we aim to design, build new homes and principal Villas in Bali. Asides the fact that we always construct quality Villas, our professional services also cover the repairs and maintenance of properties, electrical system services, interior designs, fit-out, roofs and plumbing systems.

We are your one-stop builder, designer, villa construction expert in Bali and hotel builder that offer the best-possible quality for all your projects.
Construction Bali is specialized in high ending quality building, construction, home renovation, shop fitting and much more in the island of Bali.

We provide top-tier services that cover architecture, interior architecture, drawing, 3D rendering and as well structural engineering, planning and project management services.

Construction Bali also provide repairs and maintenance services to homes, businesses and hotels. We can provide certified electrical and plumbing work. Our English-speaking on-site supervisors have experiences in traditional and contemporary modern design buildings.

For every job, you will receive a free quotation based on standardized charges. You will also get a detailed timeline and timeframe of the target task.

During the process, we can provide daily or weekly updates with photos.

All our work is guaranty and we are a green-friendly company that provide free advices for home insulation, energy saving and solar power.

Contact us today for all your construction needs in Bali.

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