Steps to Build your Villa in Bali

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Finding the Location

Step 1: Find the suitable land.

When it comes to constructing a villa, the location and position is one of the most important aspects. If you already bought your land plot before, you will have to adapt your building project to the constraints of the land such as the soil composition, orientation, topography and water retention

If you haven’t gotten a land, then we begin with : Finding the Location

  1. Select a desirable place for your house.
  2. Select the property on which you are going to build and purchase it
  3. Have the property surveyed and the footprint of the house located
  4. Consider access issues

First meetings with your contractor

Step 2: First meetings.

Whether by the advice of a friend, the sight of panels on our building sites, a search from a directory or even from our website, we ‘re ready any time to meet you and discuss about your project. The first meeting will be the opportunity for us to know about your project and your budget to be able to develop a first draft of your request together. We invite you to fill the form in the Contact section to give us the maximum information even before our first meeting.

Designing Your Home

Design your own home with us and consult with our professional architects to:

  1. Design the living spaces
  2. Design the utility areas with an eye toward function
  3. Place windows with the maximum energy efficiency in mind
  4. Prepare to tackle water drainage issues with the proper design

Organize the building permit (IMB)

Step 3: The building permit (IMB).

The building permit can be achieved once we and the design office have succeeded in harmonizing the ideas and budget.

The building permit filed within three months and is required to confront this project in view of the Indonesian Administrations.

When we will apply on your behalf for a building permit, we will get a receipt with your building permit number that can also be useful in finalizing your financing plan. At this stage, we will aid you in:

  1. Getting the Necessary Permits
  2. Secure a construction loan
  3. Get construction insurance
  4. Secure the proper construction permits
  5. Prepare an Estimated Cost Breakdown

Start the building construction

Step 4: Starting the construction

Our team will carry out the implementation of the work to avoid any errors which could lead to heavy complications and unnecessary financial expenses thereafter. After the cast foundations are dried, the foundation can be laid.

Earthworks correspond to the first phase of work for the building structure.

These include all the handwork and machine work that will temporarily or permanently modify the shape of the land. This phase is summarized as:

  1. Breaking Ground
  2. Lay the foundation
  3. Pouring the concrete foundation on which to building is to be erected
  4. Setting up building lines

Setting out the roof and insulation

Step 5: The setting setting out of water and air

At this stage, the building is designed to be waterproof and weather-insulated. In this phase:

The roof establishment and installed doors and windows.

The elevation of masonry is monitored at critical points, the frame and the cover will begin to be made. Thereafter, we proceed with:

  1. Building the Walls and Roof
  2. Framing the walls of your house
  3. Plumbing the walls and brace them securely
  4. Laying-out the marks for setting your roof trusses.
  5. Setting each truss in the correct location
  6. Nailing a sub-facia board to connect the ends of each rafter
  7. Installing roofing felt for use as a moisture barrier
  8. Installing the exterior siding and exterior features such as windows and doors
  9. Installing the final roof

Make the finishes

Step 6: The Choice of Finishes

The second stage of construction also defined as the “second work” consists of the inner construction and interior choices of the villa / house.

Positioning walls, choice of interior doors and sanitary areas, choice of flooring must be analyzed point by point to not make any mistakes in decoration as this may have adverse effects on the quality of life for many years.

Starting on the Interior:

  1. Install pipes for potable water, waste drains, and drain vents in walls
  2. Install HVAC (air conditioning and heat) ductwork, air handlers, and refrigerant piping
  3. Rough-in electrical outlets
  4. Install insulation
  5. Install your ceilings

Installation of the essentials

Step 7: Installing the Essentials

In this phase, we embark on the installation of the minimum furniture, kitchen set, bathroom set, painting and much more. Also, this is the place where we:

  1. Install plumbing fixtures as necessary
  2. Install the wall board or paneling on interior walls
  3. Place wall trim
  4. Caulk, paint, and install wall coverings on any walls that require it
  5. Install cabinets and another mill work
  6. Install flooring
  7. Install appliances and have the utilities turned on

Get your home key

Step 8: Delivery of the keys

This is the end of the construction project. You will be now able to organize the final design with installation of your furniture and decoration.

The keys are then delivered to the client for a proper move-in.

Avail yourself of our professional expertise. Contact us today for all your property and real estate construction needs in Bali ranging from Condos, Homes, 5-star Hotels, Villas, Land plots, or sale, investment or rental now and secure the right property in a heartbeat.

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