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Your one-stop Bali Construction Company

Bali Construction is fully licensed general Contractor and Construction company with its main offices located in Bali, Indonesia. We undertake construction projects from modest residential to large scale commercial projects. Nothing too big or too small for us at Villa Bali Tropic, our first commitment is ‘QUALITY’. It is an easy word to use in promotion, but it takes honest, conscientious effort to maintain quality in any Bali construction project.

Secondly, we are committed to ‘COST SAVING’. This means our management & purchasing departments put extra effort into buying materials that save our clients’ money. Our cost-saving policy commitment demands experience and smart purchasing strategies.

At Bali Construction, we dedicate our professional expertise towards delivering ‘EXCELLENT SERVICE’. This translates into working closely with our clients and maintaining fluid communication. Our personnel are as courteous and friendly as they are professional. An innumerable amount of opportunities and benefits arise from working with the BEST General Contractors in Bali. A few of them include:


Our team of finance managers, estimators and project managers will provide you with free and accurate quotes as well as estimates for completing your construction task.


We understand the needs for every project and comprehend the differences in every construction types. We provide excellent commercial work that is practical to meet up with all your official and commercial needs.


At Construction in Bali, we have a wide array of residential construction and maintenance packages that suits your domestic needs in every aspect.


Our services are licensed and fully-guaranteed to deliver only the best possible quality in everything we do.


Our team is a collection of highly experienced and versatile professionals that deliver high standard of service with expert execution and construction results that will make you proud.


We offer unrivaled property care for all your investments. From maintenance to home management, gardening, equipment servicing and repairs, Construction Bali is here to fulfill all your needs.


Our experience is arguably our biggest asset to all new and existing customers. With over 10 years on the Island of Bali, we are extensively-versed from handling and completing several projects over the years for both Indonesian and Foreign investors in the Building and Real Estate niche.

Think of us when you simply want to remodel your kitchen or bath, build a beautiful new home, demolish an old building, build a villa or a commercial facility.

As a general contractor here in Bali, Indonesia we can build collaboratively with trade subcontractors to improve efficiency and speed in any building construction project. As mentioned, Villa Bali Tropic Constructions fully bonded and licensed in each engineering/construction field.

We and our trade subcontractors are all licensed as well. All our personnel are experts in their department. This protects you, the client, in the event of project-related bodily injury, accident, property damage.

With Villa Bali Tropic, you have no “liability” worries, you are in safe hands!


Our experienced construction company professionals will, after careful initial consultation and mutual commitment to the project, draft a formal Agreement contract that establishes all the details for design, cost and scheduling of the partnership and project.

With our comprehensive construction contractor licensing, we have configured Villa Bali Tropic to be your “one-stop-outlet” general contractor in charge for turnkey projects. From design of the construction to permitting, and actual construction.

With our input, you don’t have to go around assembling all the various Bali subcontractors needed –architect, permitting experts and quality control managers.

We also provide all necessary engineering service for the contract duration to ensure all materials and construction itself is compliant with Bali regulation.

Our quality assurance commitment holds your project and ensures that it is well protected for its entire duration.

Avail yourself of our professional expertise. Contact us  today for all your property and real estate construction, home management, 3D design needs in Bali ranging from Condos, Homes, 5-star Hotels, Villas, Land plots, or sale, investment or rental now and secure the right property in a heartbeat.

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